Old Quakers trying to join the Digital Age

Steve Tatum is here at the Meeting House struggling to teach me, Vicki, how to become an Editor on our WordPress site.  Hope I am proving to be a good student.  He is very patient.  Much laughing is prevalent in this “serious” Peace and Social Concerns meeting.  Hope to post meaningful info for readers in the future, if I can just get this technical stuff under my belt.

FCNL Quaker Welcome Center Events

Located across the street from the U.S. Senate, the Quaker Welcome Center of the Friends Committee on National Legislation is a place for dialogue and the promotion of peace, justice, and environmental sustainability. The Quaker Welcome Center hosts programs and events that equip people to change policy, nurture integrity in governance, and collaborate across political differences. The page provides the program schedule.

Welcome Center Events


American Friends Service Committee Action Center

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) web site includes an Action Center– https://www.afsc.org/actioncenter –which provides ways to address current issues.

Examples have included:

  • Saving protected status for immigrants
  • Creating sanctuary
  • Posters to download for resisting racism
  • Tips for talking about Trump’s Muslim ban
  • Intervention tips for bystanders to harassment and violence
  • Actions congregations can take to end Islamophobia

Action alerts for immediate action are at the bottom of the page. They link to forms for emailing members of congress.

  • Oppose military action with North Korea
  • Hold Israel accountable for violating children’s rights