Minute on Marriage

Minute Approved November 8, 2015

Blacksburg Friends Meeting joyfully recognizes the diversity within our Meeting and within the community around us.  We affirm our support for marriages and committed relationships between couples regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.  We acknowledge that this expanded, inclusive definition of marriage is a change from some traditional viewpoints on marriage.  The Meeting recognizes the goodness of committed, loving relationships that provide mutual support and tenderness.

The Meeting recognizes in the unique traditional manner of Friends that no official of the Meeting marries a couple, but that the Meeting witnesses and celebrates the vows of the couple to each other.  We are aware of the diversity of understandings of the term “marriage” and leave to the couple the characterization of their relationship.

We affirm our support for holding celebrations of living commitment under our care, in accordance with our traditional procedures, for any couples, when one or both of those partners participate in our community as members or attenders.  Couples who wish to unite under our care follow a careful process in which a clearness committee supports the couple in exploring the nature of their relationship and arriving at clearness about their commitment to each other.