Meeting for Worship

Meeting for worship at Blacksburg Friends Meeting begins on Sundays at 10 AM in the main meeting room.

Our lovely new meeting house is equipped with a cloak room and restrooms for your convenience before meeting. No specific sound or other signal will mark the beginning of worship; you may enter the meeting room and begin your worship at any time. Please enter the meeting room quietly and choose any space in the pews or chairs. The meeting room doors have special mechanisms so that they will close quietly behind you.

Blacksburg Friends meeting is an unprogrammed meeting, meaning that there will be no pre-planned speaking, sermons, or other structured worship activities. Meeting attendees will sit in relative silence, waiting patiently in the Light for God to show us how to worship. More information on this topic can be found here.

Exceptions to this are:

On the first Sunday of every month, it is the practice in our Meetings to read and consider a query. These queries are part of the Faith and Practice developed by Baltimore Yearly Meeting.To see a list of these queries click here.

If there is a fifth Sunday in the month, it is the practice in our meeting to have a “Singing Sunday”. For the first 30 minutes, we sing from the song book. For the remaining 30 minutes we have our traditional unprogrammed worship.

At 10:15, young Friends are invited to leave the group worship and go downstairs for First Day School. Youth religious education at BFM includes age-appropriate activities that may focus on Quaker values, such as peace, justice, and equality. For more information on youth programs and our child protection policy, click here.

Meeting will end at approximately 11 AM when the clerk or their appointee stands to greet their neighbors. After greeting each other, those in attendance join hands and form a circle in order to share their joys and concerns in a worshipful manner. When all joys and concerns have been shared, meeting for worship officially ends and the business of the meeting begins.

It is the practice of the meeting to go around the circle to share our names and welcome any visitors. Following this, members will share meeting announcements. Once announcements have concluded, all in attendance are invited to the kitchen for snack and fellowship.

On the second Sunday of every month, there is a pot-luck lunch instead of snack, and meeting for business will follow. All are invited to share in lunch, regardless of if you brought a dish to share.

On the third Sunday of every month, Bible Study is held in the library following snack time.