Our vision for the Blacksburg Friends Meetinghouse…

The Blacksburg Friends Meetinghouse and the surrounding land is the home of the Blacksburg Friends Meeting and we are pleased to share our spiritual home with the community. We wish to support the endeavors of those who seek to live in peace and harmony with the natural world and all peoples inhabiting the earth.

If your need fits our vision and you would like to use our Meetinghouse…

  • The worship room (32×32, upper level) may be used for activities that are in keeping with a sense of worship and seeking.
  • The library (14×20, upper level) may be used for other indoor activities.
  • The picnic shelter may be used for outdoor activities that are considerate of our neighbors.
  • There are two handicapped accessible bathrooms on each level.
  • The kitchen is available to anyone who is using our Meetinghouse and is not part of the space you are individually using. You may use the kitchen to warm foods only. It is not designed for cooking for large groups.
  • Furnishings are simple. Please ask what we have in the room you want to use when you call.

You may have some questions about what activities would work in our Meetinghouse. Here are some guidelines that will help us share space amicably…

  • No alcohol, tobacco products, recreational drugs, or hazardous items or substances are permitted in the Meetinghouse or anywhere on our grounds. Specific approval may be given for wine or beer to be served in moderate amounts to those aged 21 and over at special events.
  • No pets are allowed in the Meetinghouse or on the grounds except for service animals.
  • No open flames such as candles are permitted inside the building.
  • Children and youth must be supervised at all times.
  • More than one group may be using the building at the same time.1 Please keep your activity in the space you have contracted to use.

If you are ready to make some arrangements…

  • Please contact Elizabeth Briggs at 540 239 6313 to ask for more information or enter into a contract. Fees are $10/hr for the small rooms and $20/hr for the large rooms, up to 3 hours. For rentals of more than 3 hours to all day, the small rooms are $40 and the large rooms are $80. Use of the warming kitchen is included. The fee for renting the entire Meetinghouse is $160 for the day.

1 It is possible to contract for the whole building at once (for example a wedding or conference) so that you don’t have to worry about sharing space.